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There’s lots of seafood on ocean

There’s lots of seafood on ocean

conclusion : for the a date night, atsumu manages to get their second flings amount. written on the a flimsy napkin, they scribble a cute “give me a call” as well as their matter. but not, next day atsumu realizes the last few digits are smudged. together with his fabulous guessing experiences, the guy manages to assume the last step 3 digits….otherwise just what the guy thinks ‘s the step three digits. so what happens when atsumu texts y/n particular smutty texts? he gets entitled a great pervert.

“Mom, I hope I will be okay. I am really excited are back and I am going to is actually my most difficult discover a position. And I will not getting by yourself, Shugo has arrived also!” Placing the device between the head and you can shoulder, your lean as a result of take their bag about buckle, placing it on the floor and you can lifting the fresh new deal with upwards.

“It had been destined to happens mom!” Searching the collection urban area you location your. No less than a toes large than simply everyone on the airport, it is quite difficult to overlook him.

Reading your own mother mumble an enthusiastic ‘I favor you too’ straight back, your hang up the phone and you may walking for the him, a huge smile plastered on the deal with.

At the age cuatro years old, your loved ones got packed up and you can moved with the a quiet community in the Tokyo. They’d guaranteed you that moving would-be a very good time, because they were moving across the street to their old high-school relatives whom took place having a man just 4 many years old than simply you. As soon as your fulfilled him, the latest hearts on the sight never ever gone away. Your mother and father spent so much go out together with her, in order to your adventure, that suggested that there is actually absolutely no way to end both. Since you both got earlier, (and level of his rejections reduced), the two of you saw a lovely relationship blossom.

Letting you move the something into your the new apartment, Meian says “You understand, its in reality slightly nice.” He drags in your bag when looking in the short apartment.

“The cost is additionally somewhat sweet” your sigh as you begin to unzip your own suitcase, “The fresh new landlord knew my personal parents very he was willing to offer just a bit of a benefit, but I will still need to select work in the future.”

There was numerous seafood on water

“It’s possible to have only resided beside me until you receive a good business,” he investigates you because you give your a pile off gowns to get on cabinet.

“I am able to enjoys but I will not…. dont genuinely wish to live with your.” you flash a grin and he talks about your which have mock offense.

“I never said your you to wouldn’t be, although not, offering might have been high whenever i is confessing my want to your weekly.” You tsk within him before you both begin to laugh, since you believe returning to how often your confessed in order to Meian…and just how many times he refuted you.

The guy pulls a serious browse on the his deal with so that as the guy starts to say some thing, your discussion is disturbed of the their mobile ringing.

“I’ll be back” you nod, when he will leave the area to answer the decision. You start to appear to the exposed area, thought how exactly to beautify it adequate to maybe not be so blank. The remainder of your anything will be shipped within the next week, and though you probably did provide substantially along with you, you understand you’re nevertheless lost some essentials. Since you begin to create a mental record off things to pick on your next shop travels, Meian gets in the bedroom.

“Thus, my party desires to get together at the a bar so you can enjoy our very own new season, would you like to come?” He requires while he treks upwards next to your, slinging a supply around your neck and seeking down within you.

You lean your face against their neck and check up to meet his vision since you say, “Seriously, not even. I’m worn out and i also need certainly to wind up unpacking as well.”

“Zero, zero it’s okay. You’re practically the latest captain, your cannot ignore it.“ As he tries to argue along with you, you begin once again, “It’s okay, In my opinion I am of sufficient age understand tips unpack my something by myself.”

The two of you begin walking towards the front of the apartment. Beginning the doorway to possess him and you can turning to deal with your, you think of some thing “Oh waiting! I desired to present an extra secret and if.” You manage returning to your room and you can go back to the newest entrance carrying a silver key which have several trick chains connected, one of a black colored ‘M’ and most other, a micro photographs of these two people before you could left Tokyo. “I actually had you specific precious secret stores so that you don’t get rid of it!”

Handing him the main, he holds it and you may grins “I am going to dump they? If anything you’ll end up the first to ever treat their trick.”

“All right, really I’m probably go out. Text me if you like something ok? I am going to be to see you in the near future.” The guy places the fresh secrets your gave your in his pocket.

prologue: reunion day!

– it was meant to inform you more of meian and you may y/n’s relationship, in addition to i imagined it absolutely was enjoyable to write 🙂

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